Our privacy policy

Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® is committed to protect your privacy. That's why we've developed this privacy policy regarding the use of personal information collected through our contests, newsletters, survey circulars and other types of communications, including personal contact with one of our member stores.

In addition, you should be aware that any Canadian has privacy rights under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) to protect personal information collected, used or disclosed by private sector organizations.

We are committed to respect and ensure your privacy

Au Grand Bazar La Source du sportMD ne procédera en aucun cas à la vente, distribution, échange, transfert ou autre partage de tous renseignements nominatifs sur nos utilisateurs auprès de tiers, sauf si nous sommes tenus par la loi de le faire. Nous ne vendons pas de listes.

Who's at Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports®?

Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® is a national buying group of sporting goods stores located across Canada. Each independent boutique is operated by a member owner of Sports Distributors Of Canada Ltd. is wholly owned and operated by Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® and Sports Distributors Of Canada Ltd.

When do we collect personal information and how do we use this information?

Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® does not automatically collect nominative information. This information is voluntarily submitted by visitors to our website and communicated to our member stores for participation in contests, promotions or surveys and / or for subscribing to newsletters, flyers or other information or promotional tools. Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® collects your name, address, city, postal code, phone number, cell phone number, email address, date of birth, and favorite sports. Your submission of this information is entirely voluntary on your part. This information is used by Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® and / or its members to communicate with you based on the reasons for which it was collected. These communications, unless otherwise stated, support our marketing, promotion, charitable and information programs. The information is also used in prize draws to notify winners of the various contests in effect. By submitting personal information to Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports®, you agree that it is used for the purposes mentioned in this policy.

Who has access to personal information collected by Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports®?

Your personal information is strictly controlled and accessible only by those employees who need it to serve you better and / or to improve our performance both in-store and on this website.

We use a reputable service provider who helps us with this website and other programs that allow us to serve you. We require these third parties to sign a confidentiality agreement that states that any information about the customer remains confidential.

Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® has no control over any information shared on any other website or portal before or after accessing the website. We monitor traffic to and from our website and we warrant that we will not share your personal information with a third party unless you allow us to do so.

Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® stores third-party contests and promotions in its stores and on the website. You will be notified if we need to share your information with a third party and offer you the choice to participate or not in these contests and promotions.


The website contains hyperlinks to other websites and is not responsible for any information posted on these sites. Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® is not responsible for the privacy practices of any hyperlinked website on our website. This policy only applies to and its member stores across Canada.

All information posted on the website or at one of our member stores is entirely made on a voluntary basis. Whenever you submit personal information through contests, promotions, surveys, or membership in any of our promotional tools, you authorize Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® to collect and use this personal information for the purposes set forth in this policy.

Any information submitted or collected will be retained by Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® until the reasons for which it was collected are met. We offer you the opportunity to determine if we retain personally identifiable information and to review and correct this information. Au Grand Bazar la Source du Sports® takes all the necessary precautions to protect the security of your information.

These requests must be submitted to our Privacy Commissioner at the email address

This privacy policy has been in effect since June 20, 2011. The Grand Bazaar The Source of Sport® reserves the right to update this policy without notice or notice.